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Are you ready?

The weather has certainly turned this week and we are beginning to see more and more leaves on the ground. 

I love Autumn, the colours are so different and its the only time of year you can see so many colours on one single tree. The wildlife is busy foraging and preparing for the harsher weather ahead.

Have you prepared yet for the oncoming change. I know it only seems like yesterday that we were waving the children off for their first day of term, but now is the time to start planning and actually if you haven’t begun you may need to catch up a little. 

There are a few key elements that are very important to see us through the cooler months and we return to our ancestors for some of these.


Sweeping and servicing of your appliance. Remember you will be relying on for those cosy winter evenings. Even if you were thinking that this was just going to be something that were only going to use at Christmas or family occasions we somehow become reliant on them without really knowing it, we see this time and time again, many when in the process of purchasing an appliance say that they are only going to use it every now and then, then return to get firelighters a few months later realising that they cannot possibly go an evening without lighting it as it changes the feel of the whole house. Looking after your appliance is one of the key factors to ensuring success for the cooler months. You should arrange your sweep to come in before the season begins and we have been busy arranging the bookings for the estate properties we maintain, ensuring that all the tenants have appliances that are safe and compliant. So check your appliance over, check rope seals are ensuring an air tight seal, that the glass doesn’t have any cracks, also the bricks inside the appliance. Check them over. If they are cracked/snapped, take a photo of your appliance and send it over with the parts required and we will see what we can order for you! 


Getting your fuel ready for the months ahead is something that was done by our ancestors, they would gather fire wood all year long and this tradition has followed down through the generations. If you have a stove or an open fire you should have a store of dry logs available to you that are quick to access and not 50m down the garden that you have to go and collect in the rain, yes that was me last night, in the rain and in the dark, battling with the Greenhouse door to get to the Kindling and Logs. Be one step ahead and in the morning bring in the logs for the evening ahead, this make burning really convenient but it also ensures the logs are not damp from the outside air and are ready to burn! 

Stock Pile 

Yep, Stock piling foods ready for the winter is essential, we have all seen those Alaskan documentaries where the super organised are pickling all the vegetables from the summer garden ready for the winter. Now I know that we don’t need to do things like this as we have supermarkets often on our drive home, but its not too early to make a batch of soup that can be frozen and defrosted as and when required, then during that evening of the rare power cut you can pop to the freezer grab a batch of that soup and warm it on a pan on your wood burning stove, there is no better way to warm you from the iside then a bowl of steaming soup! 

Below is my 7 step guide to getting your appliance ready for the cooler months! 

  1. Check the appliance over – Look at the outer box and check for any warping / rust / holes to the steel/Cast Iron box.
  2. Open and close the door make sure that this seals and that the handle functions correctly.
  3. Then visually inspect the firebricks for breakages.
  4. Carefully remove and set aside the side, rear and top firebricks/Baffles, it is advisable to view the installation manual for your particular stove as every single one is different and may suggest removing back first or top first etc.
  5. Empty out the ash pan and remove log retainer and grate if your stove has one.
  6. This is the time to give your appliance a quick hoover, clean the glass and give the paint work a wipe down and touch up / re spray this will make the stove look as new again.
  7. Now is the time to put everything back. ( Bricks can be fragile so again be careful when handling them). Check the manufactures instructions or view an exploded diagram for your particular appliance as they all vary and some have certain orders for putting everything back together.

I hope that you find the information useful. 

Until next time!




Published: 26th Sep '19
Author: Nicola Williams

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