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A big investment or a no brainer?

With 85% of UK homes relying on mains gas to heat their homes and the volatility of international gas markets leading to unprecedented price rises, we all have to ask, is investing in a wood burning stove the right thing to do? 

It’s no secret that wood burners have been a highly discussed topic in the press for years, the emissions and pollution that they apparently omit are always cropping up but the industry has listened to the negative comments and have ad

apted and redesigned appliance to become the cleanest most energy efficient heating source for us all. The new eco-design standards are being met and exceeded by many manufacturers and we are proud to be able to offer the best on the market.  


With the energy price cap rising 54%, millions of households will see their bills rise by around £700-£2000 per year, so surely turning to a wood burner is a no brainer.

On average a household with a wood burning stove will spend between £350 & £500 a year on wood, so these things need to be considered carefully, but this sum is far less than what could be added to current fuel bills.


There has never been a better time to look at the benefits of investing in a wood-burning stove.

A good quality stove can last decades and provide an affordable source of heat for a low income household, the initial outlay for the installation is far less than installing a heat pump and let’s be honest looks a lot prettier too. 

Using a wood stove does mean you need to source good quality, dry, fuel for it and there is often more options locally than initially thought, wood is an energy source that doesn’t rely on destructive practices, plus its carbon-neutral as it gives off the same amount of carbon whether it is burnt or decays naturally. The carbon released from burning wood is balanced out by the carbon absorbed by the tree during its lifetime and it’s important to keep in mind that as long as trees are replanted and woodland is responsibly managed, using wood for fuel can be part of a sustainable energy process. 

Here at Fire by Design we are proud to offer a large range of appliances differing in shape and size and have options for every budget.

If you are considering how you can make the switch from a gas fire to a wood burning stove or to discover whether your home is suitable for a wood burning stove installation call today or visit our showroom.  

Published: 21st Sep '22
Author: Nicola Williams

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